Our main purpose is to help you to practice and speak fluently in your target language. For this, we bring together qualified hosts with language learners and form online conversation sessions up to 5 participants.

This is not a mobile app, on talkiamo.com, real people talk to real people.

Participants can be of different ages from all over the world with different backgrounds. This makes each conversation group unique. You will speak about different subjects and build friendships.

Our hosts will guide the conversations at the level of the group, encourage all participants to share their ideas and explain. They also add value by correcting language terms and add new vocabulary.


Our hosts bring interesting subjects, engage participants in the discussions equally. Everyone will have the same amount of time to speak.


Whether we will play games or discuss interesting topics it will help to practice your language skills while having fun.

You will see improvement in fluency and self-confidence in a short while. This is quicker, more fun and interactive than any other way of learning a language.

You save time and money.


Real people speaking to real people
Online sessions with qualified hosts
Friends from all over the world
Interesting subjects and engaging conversations
Speak fluently while having fun
Fast improvement
Save time and money